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Membership Incentive from Department of Missouri

Any comrade that becomes a life member between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020 will be eligible for the $45.00 membership incentive. How does the program work?

If an annual member converts to Life = $45.00

If an annual member converts to Life thru the installment program = $45.00 once last payment is made.

Any NEW member joining the VFW = see above.

If a Life member converts to Legacy Life: bronze = $45.00, silver= $90.00, or gold= $135.00

If a Legacy Life bronze member converts to silver= $45.00 or gold = $90.00

If a Legacy Life silver member converts to gold = $45.00.

When ANY of the above happens the post QM or recruiter needs to notify the Department Quartermaster thru email or snail mail. Send the individuals information so that we at Department can keep track. You will need to send the members name, membership number, address, phone number, post number, district, and if the members conversion is a one-time payment or installment.

If someone else pays for the membership upgrade, then we need to know who is to receive the incentive. If a post pays for the upgrade, then the post QM needs to specify in the email or snail mail who gets the incentive money.

It is imperative that these instructions are followed in order for the incentive program to be successful.

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